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Branding Guidelines and Downloads

Our Brand

  Main Color Alt Color Vicinity White Background
  Cornflower Blue Sky Blue Gallery Ebony
  Hex:#7c8bf5 Hex:#73d6eb Hex:#eeeeee Hex:#0d111d
  RGB:124,139,245 RGB:115,214,235 RGB:238,238,238 RGB:13,17,29
  CMYK:0.49,0.43,0.00,0.04 CMYK:0.51,0.09,0.00,0.08 CMYK:0.00,0.00,0.00,0.07 CMYK:0.55,0.41,0.00,0.89


Below are direct downloads for our logos, overlays ,fonts and more. By downloading these files you accept our fair usage policy. You are free to use these files for non-commercial use completely free of charge.


The Stream pack contains:

  • AR Essence Font
  • In Game Overlay
  • Multicamera Overlay
  • Starting Soon Overlay
  • Offline Overlay



The Media pack contains:

  • AR Essence Font
  • Vicinity Main Logo
  • Vicinity Logo with transparent background
  • Vicinity Banner Logo
  • Vicinity Alternate Banner Logo
  • Unit Logos

Fair Usage Policy


All rights reserved. All materials are provided for non-commercial or personal use only and may not be copied, duplicated, altered, or transferred to any website or medium whatsoever without permission. All requests for permission must be made in writing, in advance of intended use. All requests will be reviewed. Licensing and/or Permissions Agreements will be negotiated and determined. Agreements must only be given by an authorised officer. Community members are permitted to use the assets from the download section on their own media channels without written permission.


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