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🔹What is XP?


XP is our point system. It tracks your progress and activity, and the more you earn, the more levels you will achieve.

🔹How do I earn XP?


 XP is earned by being active! Going to events, hanging out in casual channels, being active on the forums, etc. Anytime you're active in Vicinity, you will be earning XP. For more details on how to earn XP, check out the XP Overview: https://vicinitygaming.com/page/19-xp-overview/

🔹What's an event?


An event is simply a scheduled time to play a previously determined game. It's a great way to make new friends and find new people to play with, and will ensure you have someone or a group to play with when you attend. You will earn extra XP when you attend any event as well! Our Hospitality team regularly hosts events for a variety of games, feel free to check out our calendar for upcoming events here.

🔹How do I find people to play with? 


Attending events helps! But we also have dedicated text channels for many of our more popular games so you can find someone to play with there, a miscellaneous game channel if the game you want to play doesn't have a specific channel, and a general lounge where you can chat about anything and everything.

🔹What is a citizen/squire/thane/etc?


When you earn XP, you're working toward ranking up. We wanted to have some fun and instead of just being "1, 2, 3," etc, we added some names to signify each new rank you achieve.

🔹Do I have to join the forums/website?


 Not at all! We are a discord first gaming community, and you can be an active member without ever even visiting our forums. That being said, in order to view your XP, you can only do so on the forums by making an account at this time. Give us about 24 hours or so for your previously earned XP to hit your account

🔹What are the forums even used for?


ll news, announcements, etc will be posted on the forum (but don't worry! You can still read those even if you decide not to join the forums), along with detailed information about our units, our council, links to everything from our Github repository to our financial tracking sheets, and more. You can also get involved in a forum setting if that's something that interests you.

🔹 What's the Council?


 Our Council is also made up of six individuals, and each runs a separate unit. They're the group responsible for the decisions within Vicinity, coming up with new ways to get you involved, and are responsible for their own set of staff. If you want to learn more about our Council, check out our Council page here: https://vicinitygaming.com/page/5-council-rules-regulations

🔹 What are these units I keep hearing about?


There are 6 Units, all led by a member of our Council. They're broken down as follows:
Hospitality: Responsible for hosting events along with greeting and helping out new members. They're our innkeepers, here to make sure you feel welcome and can easily make your way around Vicinity.

Administration: This group is able to handle a little of everything, making them the most versatile unit in Vicinity. If one of the other units needs help, Administration is who we turn to. Not only can they handle a little of everything, but they keep us organized, track financials, and make sure all of those are available and easily understandable for everyone.

Moderation: Our moderators. They’re here to help if someone breaks a rule and causes problems in the community. This team ensures all of our members feel safe, comfortable, and can simply have a good time. They work behind the scenes, but if you need them, just send a modmail message, or shoot one of them a DM, and they’ll be there to assist.

Engineering: The team that keeps us running behind the scenes. Our Discord bots? They made ‘em. The forums? It’s not hamsters running on wheels. Anything technology based comes from Engineering. They’re responsible for all of the coding that makes us look good and makes your experience more enjoyable.

Public Relations: The public face of Vicinity. This team runs all of our social media and helps bring new members in. They are also the people who will communicate news and changes within the community, work with sponsors outside of it, and make us look good. Not only that, but they also help to improve and streamline our contact with members, making it that much smoother for you.

Competition: Every gamer loves a little competition, and this is where you go to get your fill. Not only do they help manage our competitive teams, but friendly, casual tournaments are their bread and butter.

🔹How do I join a Competitive team?


Check out our Looking for Team page, and click on the image for the game you wish to join to let our Competitive unit know you're interested. You can find that page here: https://vicinitygaming.com/page/9-looking-for-team/

 🔹 What rules do I have to follow?


When you joined, you had to click a ✅ before you got access to the server, and that's our list of rules. All we ask is you use common sense, don't advertise for other communities here, don't spam, troll, or cause problems, and keep everything at a PG-13 level, so no NSFW or obscene content. If you need a quick refresh, head to the #rules channel or click here: https://vicinitygaming.com/page/3-community-rules/

🔹 I need help, where do I go?


 If you have a quick question that you don't think requires a moderator, head over to the #help-desk channel, post it there, and one of our Hosts or other staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you need to speak with a moderator regarding any issues with rules, head over to the #support channel to create a ticket, and one of our moderators will help you out.


🔹 I'm having a problem with another member, what do I do?


Head to the #support channel and create a ticket so you can let us know what's going on, and our Moderators can quickly assist you.

🔹 I was warned, what does this even mean?


 Warnings are used as a simple way to let you know you broke one of our rules, and remind you what you agreed to when you joined. Warnings do not affect your ability to be a member, and active in the community. A quick breakdown of the warning system is as follows:

Your initial warning will last for 2 weeks. After that warning period, if you've had no further warnings, it will be removed and that will be the end of it.

If, during that two week period of your initial warning, you break another rule, or continue to do whatever it is that caused you to receive the first warning, you will receive a second warning. Because you are receiving a second warning in a short period of time, the time will extend, and you will have the two warnings for six weeks total.

If you continue to violate the rules within that 6 week period, you will be banned. You may request to rejoin after 6 months, and our Council will decide whether or not to bring you back in.

🔹 I want to leave.


We're sad to see you go, but we also understand that sometimes things happen. If you choose to leave, you can just right click on the server icon and hit "Leave Server." Simple as that. If you leave and decide to come back, please come on back! Give us a bit of time to sync everything up, and you'll be set back to your Rank and XP that you were at when you left.

🔹 Can I be kicked out for not being active enough?


While all we ask for is an hour of activity on our Discord every month, sometimes things happen and you don't hit that. If you know you won't be able to be active for an extended period of time, please visit the taking-a-break channel and let us know. If you miss the requirement by accident and are removed but want to rejoin, just message a staff member for a new invite link and come on back!


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