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Event Rules & Guidelines

🔵 Events need to be posted at a minimum 2 hours in advance.

🔵 Events must last at least 1 hour. There is no maximum, so long as there continues to be active participation.

🔵 Events with less than 2 attendees (including the Host), will have to be rescheduled or canceled.

🔵 If you are hosting an event and must cancel, please post the event in the orphan-events channel so someone else is able to take over if possible.

🔵 Active participation is a requirement. We don’t mind if you’re just hanging out chatting with people playing (so long as you’re welcome and not causing problems), but you cannot sit in an event channel silently to obtain XP.

       🔹 Short periods of AFK are okay, but 15+ minutes of non-participation will result in no XP for that hour.

🔵 Any game-related events can only be hosted by Hospitality staff.

       🔹 Exceptions:

             ◽ During the first few weeks of launch while we’re still building staff, any staff member may host any event

             ◽ If an event is cancelled, they may be taken over by any staff member.

🔵 Any issues during the event should be reported to the Host.

🔵 If needed, the Host can request the assistance of anyone from Moderation.

🔵 Events do not have to be game-related. Movie nights, class-like events, anything where anyone may join counts as an event.

🔵 All events must be open to the entire community. The only exception is Competitive team practices.

🔵 No events where you’re promoting drinking, drug use, or any NSFW content is acceptable. This denies underage members or those where those activities are illegal from being able to attend.



Posting an event


🔵 Go to the Calendar

🔵 To create an event, you have two options:

          🔹 Hover on the day you want to post an event for, and click the Add Event button. This will ensure the day is correct when posting an event.


          🔹At the top of the calendar is a Create Event button. This will require you to modify the event date to the correct one.


🔵Select the respective calendar for the event.


🔵 Ensure the start and end times are correct.

          🔹If an event goes past midnight, be sure to untick the Single day event option. The end date will be the following day from the event start date.


🔵 You will see a summary showing the Start and End times along with a checkbox to duplicate events. NEVER CLICK THIS. This will be removed in a future site update


🔵 Add a title and if it is for a specific game, use the following format

          🔹[GAME ABBR] Event name

          🔹Example: [LOL] Nexilva's League Hour

🔵 Feel free to get creative with a description and cover photo.


🔵 Once you have made sure everything is correct, hit Submit Event at the bottom.

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