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XP Overview

  🔹What is XP?


XP is our point system. It tracks your progress and activity, and the more you earn, the more levels you will achieve.

🔹How do I earn XP?


 XP is earned by being active! Going to events, hanging out in casual channels, being active on the forums, etc. Anytime you're active in Vicinity, you will be earning XP. 

🔹What's an event?


An event is simply a scheduled time to play a previously determined game. It's a great way to make new friends and find new people to play with, and will ensure you have someone or a group to play with when you attend. You will earn extra XP when you attend any event as well! Our Hospitality team regularly hosts events for a variety of games, feel free to check out our calendar for upcoming events here.

🔹What is a citizen/squire/thane/etc?


When you earn XP, you're working toward ranking up. We wanted to have some fun and instead of just being "1, 2, 3," etc, we added some names to signify each new rank you achieve.



🔵 There are 1100 levels within Vicinity, with 11 different ranks

🔹 You will earn a new rank after every 100 Levels                                   

                      🔹The higher your rank, the more XP you will need to earn in order to progress


🔵  Ranks & Levels Table

  Levels Rank XP per level XP to rank up
  1-100 Citizen 20 2025
  101-200 Squire 25 4530
  201-300 Merchant 30 7535
  301-400 Adventurer 35 11040
  401-500 Knight 40 15045
  501-600 Thane 45 19550
  601-700 Guardian 50 24555
  701-800 Paladin 55 30060
  801-900 Regent 60 36065
  901-1000 Noble 65 42575
  1001-1100 Royal 75 50000



🔵  How to Earn Experience Table

  What How Much How Often
  Forum Upvote 1 XP Per Upvote
  Discord VC Hour 10 XP Per Hour
  Discord Event Hour 20 XP Per Hour
  Recruiting 5 XP Per Recruit
  *Recruiting 10 XP Per Recruit *Recruiter Only
  *Event Hosting 20 XP Per Event *Host Only
  Base Staff Salary 400 XP Monthly  
  Salary After 3 Months 500 XP Monthly *After Dagger Award
  Salary After 6 Months 700 XP Monthly *After BattleAxe Award
  Salary After 9 Months 1000 XP Monthly *After GreatSword Award
  Salary After 12 Months 1500 XP Monthly *After Staff Award


If you have any other questions, please ask in the #help-desk channel on discord and one of our staff members will be happy to assist.

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