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Community Rules

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While our Discord rules give you a brief overview of what we expect from our community members, we also have slightly longer descriptions written here. We expect our community members to use common sense first and foremost. Council and the Moderation team will be able to make judgment calls - even if something doesn't fit specifically into one of our stated rules but they feel it's going to cause harm or problems for other members, they have the authority to handle those situations as they see fit.



Spamming or Trolling

These consist of sending several messages in a short period of time, knowing it will annoy others, or simply intentionally attempting to annoy or disrupt other individuals with your behavior. Any instances of this will result in a warning, and a ban from the community if it continues.

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Inappropriate Content

The minimum age we accept into Vicinity is 16, and as such, we expect you to not share NSFW or other inappropriate content in public channels. This consists of inappropriate images or other media, any discussion of suicide or suicidal ideation, cutting, or encouragement of any illegal behavior.

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We get that we may not be the only gaming community you’re in, and that’s okay! However, advertising for other communities  from within Vicinity will not be allowed. If you are caught doing this, you will be issued a warning.

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If you want to date someone else within the community, or are when you join, that’s your choice. If you do, we ask for two things from our members. Don’t let it cause problems within the community. If you violate any of our rules while in your relationship, you will receive a warning. We aren’t going to dictate your life, but we do want to make sure other members aren’t made to feel uncomfortable, left out, or face drama because you are choosing to date another member.

We require that age of consent laws are followed, and in order to make this simple, if you are 18 and older, you should not be e-dating anyone below 18. If you are under 18, you should not be e-dating anyone above 18.

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Witnessing Toxic Behavior

Moderators won’t catch everything. We’re only human, and as the community becomes more active, we may miss things. If you see someone being toxic or breaking any of our rules, feel free to message someone in Moderation or send a modmail request. We do ask that you take screenshots as proof, and if possible, direct us to the issue.

Due to varying laws, we cannot accept recorded evidence as proof. If behavior happens in a voice channel and there is no text proof, a statement by the witness (or preferably witnesses) to the behavior can be accepted.

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We hate having to have rules, but understand the necessity in order to ensure a safe and non-toxic community for our members. In order to keep things simple, we have a warning system in place. Typically, if you violate our rules once, you will be issued a two week warning. If you continue to violate the rules at any time during that two week period, your warning will be extended to one month. If it continues, you will be banned from the community.

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We don’t want to ban you. But when necessary, bans will be issued. You may request to rejoin the community after 6 months, and the council will determine if you are to be allowed back in by majority vote. If the council decides not to allow you back in, you may request to re-join at 6 month intervals, and the council will vote on allowing you back in.

In severe instances, a ban will be issued immediately and without a warning.

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If it’s clear that you joined the community to disrupt or cause problems, you will be banned immediately.

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