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Discord Rules

🔵 Be respectful of everyone in the community. No harassment, sexism, racism, or hate speech is tolerated. Please refrain from conversation topics with political, sexual, religious, or other potentially offensive tones to others in public channels.

🔵  No shit-talking other communities whatsoever, regardless of past, present, or current experiences.

🔵 No spamming, trolling, or recruiting for other servers.

🔵 No NSFW or obscene content. This is a 16+ community, and our purpose here is to play games and make new friends to game with.

🔵 All rules are to be followed in the server, in private DMs with other members, in game with other members, and in public lobbies while playing with other Vicinity members.

🔵 Please keep all conversations in text channels to English, and use English in voice channels if other individuals in the channel do not speak your language.

🔵 Most offenses will come with a warning that will last for two weeks. If you do not violate the rules in that two week period, the warning will disappear. Further offenses could lead to further warnings or a ban.

🔵 Moderators and Council may make judgment rules on content at any time. If a rule is broken to an egregious level, there are concerns for safety and comfort of other individuals, an immediate ban may be issued.

🔵 If you believe anyone is breaking any of the rules or is doing something of concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to any member of Moderation or let us know in the #support channel.

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