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Council Rules & Regulations

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Council Member Obligations

Each Unit Lead is expected to lead their unit and set an example, along with fulfilling the role. For example, the Moderation Lead will be expected to perform moderation duties alongside their staff members. They will also be expected to train their staff to not only fulfill the role to the best of their ability, but to eventually take a Unit Lead position, if they so choose.

The Unit Lead will be responsible for assisting their staff and the community, ensuring the rules that govern their unit are followed, and act as the voice for their staff in Council Meetings.

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Council Member Roles

Moderation Lead

Responsible for moderating the discord and forums. They will also be responsible for writing and revising the rules and regulations for the community. This Lead is also responsible for any bans that need to be issued in the community. Any member of the Council will be able to issue bans in the event that the Moderation Lead is not available. Moderation staff will be able to issue warnings but not bans.

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Public Relations Lead (currently inactive)

Responsible for communicating changes and information within and outside Vicinity, and handling any and all media related to the community. This includes running our social media, producing our monthly change report, writing our news, blogs, and keeping the community updated on what’s going on in Vicinity.

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Administration Lead

Responsible for a variety of duties throughout the community. This Lead should have a basic knowledge and understanding of all roles within the community in order to be able to help out as needed, and will also gather and compile data used to influence council decisions. This Lead will handle meeting minutes for Council meetings, keeping the financial report up to date, and will manage the Vicinity store.

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Engineering Lead

Responsible for the backend of both the forum and discord. They will keep hardware and software running on a daily basis as well as manage the codebase. This lead will also be responsible for ensuring the infrastructure is up-to-date with the community needs and software development.

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Hospitality Lead

Responsible for welcoming new members, answering their questions, and hosting events. They will help resolve any issues surrounding events and initial membership. They will also manage the help desk channel and ensure members are assisted in a timely manner.

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Competition Lead

The Competitive Lead handles the development of the competitive scene within Vicinity and is responsible for the creation and management of competitive teams while also being responsible for the creation and management of tournaments and leagues.

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Removal of a Council Member

A Council Member may be removed from their position by unanimous vote only. The member in question will not have a considered vote on this topic.

A Council Member may step down from their role at any time without punishment, though 1 month notice is suggested to ensure someone can successfully replace them without causing any issues for the community as a whole. If they must step down without assisting with a replacement.

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Council Terms

All council members are subject to a maximum time in position to ensure a rotation of fresh ideas and discourage power hoarding. Once a member's term has been completed, their position will be available for election (see council elections). The term limits are as follows:

  • Commander                   12 Months
  • Hospitality Lead               6 Months
  • Moderation Lead             6 Months
  • Competition Lead           6 Months
  • Public Relations Lead     6 Months
  • Administration Lead       6 Months
  • Engineering Lead            6 Months

A council member may choose to resign from their position as lead and therefore council member by submitting a written resignation to the rest of the council with at least one month's notice. This period may be waived by a unanimous vote of the rest of the council.

The Council Member whose position is up for election may be re-elected to their position if they wish to retain it and the rest of the Council votes in favor.

Terms will be staggered to ensure every position is not needing to be filled at the same time. As such, the first Council will likely serve for longer than the term limits outlined above. Each Unit Lead is expected to assist in training their replacement up to and following the election of the new member. This and the staggered terms will ensure there is a smooth transfer of power which will minimize any effect on the community.

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Council Elections

A Council Election may be triggered by:

  • The successful completion of a council member's term
  • A council member resigning before their term
  • The removal of a council member

A member is eligible to stand for any of the Unit Lead positions if they have previously served as a staff member in any capacity. To stand for election, they simply need to inform the council.

The role of Commander is to be filled by someone with previous Unit Lead experience as they will be responsible for overseeing the community as a whole, and therefore will need previous experience.

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Council Meetings

Council meetings will take place once a month, on a set day and time of each month, ex: the first Sunday of the month at 12pm EST. If the day and time needs to change, it will be decided by Council majority.

Meetings will last for two hours, and will be used to discuss issues and/or needed changes in the community, and vote on any changes. If more meetings are needed, it will be decided by the Council by majority vote, and a day and time will be set with a minimum of 48 hours notice.

At founding, until a time determined by the Council, meetings will be held weekly at a time and day of the week agreed upon by all members.

If you are a member of Council and must miss a meeting, we do ask for 72 hours notice. In case of emergency, you can be excused with less notice.

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Council Votes

Any changes will be determined by a majority vote. In the instance of a tie, the Council will continue to discuss the issue in order to come up with a better solution. If the Council is unable to resolve the tie for a week, the issue will be brought to the community as a whole and determined based on community majority.

Council members are able to abstain from voting on an issue. However, a consistent period of abstaining will potentially lead to the removal of the Council member for failing to fulfill their role.

No one member of the Council will have a vote that weighs more than another. Each member is considered a leader in the community, and their voice will be considered as important as each other member of the Council.

The creation of new units or deletion of existing units will only be successful with the full unanimous support of the council (that is 6 affirmative votes).

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What You Can Expect From Us

Just as we expect certain things from you, you can expect certain things from Vicinity and its council.

An environment free from harassment, abuse or discrimination. We work on a system of excellence not experience, ensuring that the best rewards go to those putting in the most effort. Safety and ensuring you are content in your role is our priority.

Dedicated training. Our multiple areas cover a wide array of skills to be acquired and knowledge to be learned. We want to empower you with this and help you not just in Vicinity, gaming communities but general life. Using positive feedback, we want to help identify your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

A diverse group of individuals striving for the next best thing. Our council, staff and members span multiple countries, languages and religions. But we all love one thing, playing games! We come from all walks of life and all have a lesson to offer to an eager ear.

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Ban Appeals

All appeals will be reviewed, and a ban may be lifted only by Council vote. To ensure both sides are considered, one council member will be appointed or volunteer to act as Defender and argue for an appeal. After a discussion of the facts and information provided for appeal, Council members will vote. For a ban to be lifted at least 4 votes must be in favor regardless of absences. The outcome will be communicated to the appellant, with a reason provided if the council votes against the appeal.

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