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Vicinity is made up of 6 different units, each run by a different member of the Council. They’re broken up this way to keep the community running smoothly, and to ensure nobody is overwhelmed by work.

These units are:


Probably the first person you’ll talk to when you join us! They’re responsible for greeting new members, showing them the ropes, answering questions, and hosting events so you have a dedicated place to meet new people. While you may get a bot message when you first join, these are the folks that will be there to help you out further.



Our moderators. They’re here to help if someone breaks a rule and causes problems in the community. This team ensures all of our members feel safe, comfortable, and can simply have a good time. They work behind the scenes, but if you need them, just send a modmail message, or shoot one of them a DM, and they’ll be there to assist.



Public Relations (currently inactive)
The public face of Vicinity. This team runs all of our social media and helps bring new members in. They are also the people who will communicate news and changes within the community, work with sponsors outside of it, and make us look good. Not only that, but they also help to improve and streamline our contact with members, making it that much smoother for you.
Public Relations is also the main contact when getting in touch with us about sponsorships, ban appeals, or general queries. Recruiters also fall under the remit of PR, getting special bonuses for their commitment and dedicated support from our PR team. Public Relations includes a variety of social media managers, content creators, editors, and recruiters who constantly look to improve and streamline our contact with members.



The team that keeps us running behind the scenes. Our Discord bots? They made ‘em. The forums? It’s not hamsters running on wheels. Anything technology based comes from Engineering. They’re responsible for all of the coding that makes us look good and makes your experience more enjoyable.



This group is able to handle a little of everything, making them the most versatile unit in Vicinity. If one of the other units needs help, Administration is who we turn to. Not only can they handle a little of everything, but they keep us organized, take notes during council meetings, track financials, and make sure all of those are available and easily understandable for everyone.



Every gamer loves a little competition, and this is where you go to get your fill. Not only do they help manage our competitive teams, but friendly, casual tournaments are their bread and butter. Been dying for an Apex trios tournament where your skill level doesn’t matter? Maybe your dream is a skribblio series. Or you’re looking to go pro and need a little help getting organized, finding a team, and improving your skills. Competition is responsible for all of these, and so much more. They’re here to keep us engaged with challenges outside our regular, everyday gaming.


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