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Staff Expectations & Feedback

Staff Expectations

We rely upon a group of trained, motivated staff volunteering their time to help keep things running smoothly. As such we want to make sure that those staff are amazing people doing amazing things. So we have a few guidelines to follow for all staff members:

We want you to enjoy what you do and hope it provides value to your life. If you are struggling to enjoy your role, speak to your Lead to see if you can find something to motivate you. Once you find that role just for you, love it and make it your own.

You’re expected to treat other staff with the same level of respect you would a coworker. We are all working together to create amazing experiences, motivate each other to go further, and help each other when we fall behind. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying it to your colleagues, please don’t say it to other staff!

Speak up for what you believe in. We aim to take diverse views and combine them into one remarkable vision. If you see something that could be done better, or think the wrong decision was made, ask others for their views and start a discussion.

Take responsibility for yourself. We want you to do what you are best at, and will give you a lot of independence as a staff member. No complicated command structure, no set time commitments. In exchange, simply show us your skills and be the best you can!


Staff Rules

🔵 Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.

🔵 Don’t share conversations from the staff discord with non-staff members. This is a place that allows us to feel safe discussing Vicinity, and no one should worry about what they say getting leaked and taken out of context.

🔵 In that same vein, don’t share conversations with your Lead, other Council members, or other staff without their permission.

🔵 No person with an active warning can be promoted to a staff position.

🔵 If you receive a second warning as staff, you will be demoted. Upon completion of that warning period, you are able to be re-promoted.

🔵 Stay calm when dealing with members.

🔵 If you need help, never hesitate to ask. Even if your lead isn’t online, all members of Council can assist.

🔵 Don’t hesitate to ask for help/opinions in the staff chat as well.

🔵 If you have an idea or suggestion, please bring them to us! We do ask that if you have a big idea, please have something to back it up to make your case. If you want the opinion or help of any of us though, please ask.

🔵 These rules are in addition to the Discord and community rules.


Positive Feedback

Our philosophy of positive feedback revolves around ensuring our staff feel valued when they go above and beyond. Staff receive positive feedback when they have demonstrated excellent work. Staff will receive positive feedback when they've completed a goal or challenge, and when they worked well in teams.

We do this by:

  • Being specific and including examples.
  • Providing the feedback in a timely manner.
  • Highlighting our staff's effort (what they did).
  • Giving direct feedback.
  • Providing regular feedback.
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