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  1. Competitive Manager Application

    4 Competitive Managers wanted!:
    Apex Legends ( EU and NA ) 
    Valorant  (EUW and NA ) 
    CS:GO  ( EUW and NA ) 
    League of Legends ( NA  ) 
    Rocket League ( EU and NA )

    Position: Competitive Manager

    Number of places: 4


  2. Moderators Wanted

    With our public launch imminent, a few more moderators are needed. Responsibilities will include moderating the discord, forums, and twitch. Must be familiar with Vicinity's rules and what's expected, and willing to issue warnings as needed.

    Position: Moderator

    Number of places: 3


  3. Host Wanted

    Provide a range of interesting and engaging events focused on our members.
    Provide support to new members in the form of questions and answers. Act as the welcoming innkeeper to Vicinity.

    Position: Host

    Number of places: Unlimited


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