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Vicinity– Our story 


Vicinity started as a group of like-minded friends disenchanted with the current offer of gaming communities out there. While others focused on being the best, edgy and esport focused. We wanted to go back to the roots and focus on the individual, the people part of the gaming experience. As such we developed Vicinity around three core ideals. 



We understand that everyone is unique! We are not just gamers but students, parents, working professionals, and anything else you can think of. As such to accommodate our variety of schedules we built Vicinity to ensure that you can invest as much or as little time as you want. That's why we have minimal requirements (optional forums, only 1 hour per month commitment, no skill requirements) and you are welcome to leave and rejoin at any time. We will still be here.



We believe in honesty so much, we made it our policy! Anybody in Vicinity is freely able to see the organizations finances, the voting records of its council and our objectives. We want to be held accountable by the same people who trust us to run things, YOU



Just as we embrace your differences, we want you to embrace those of others. We believe if you wouldn’t say it to your mother, you shouldn’t say it to others. As such we have a zero tolerance policy to incidents of racism, sexism, transphobia or hate speech.  


If we sound like a fit for you, join us on our discord here.


Find our latest events here or learn the ins and outs of our rules here.

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